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Assessment of a possible machine vision application

One of the very special services SANXO offers is to evaluate possible optical solutions or improvements in any type of target process. Under the assessment are, first of all, the feasibility of a machine vision solution, then the performance and the costs of implementation. This initial evaluation we conduct without charge.

A good way to get started is to simply provide us with a short description of the problem or the goal together with a couple of pictures of the target and the location.

The inquiries can be sent to

Consulting for creating Modular-X powered vision systems

System integrators or even manufacturers themselves working on Modular-X based applications may reach out to our machine vision experts, who have years of experience in designing Modular-X systems. We offer to cover not only the software but also the hardware and mechanics design to build a whole operational system.



Custom features

Modular-X holds great flexibility and thus it is possible to implement tailored functionality into the software. Such features may consist of, for example, custom-made vision functions or a custom-made user interface. Certain types of customisations are realiseable in a very short time but any kind of ideas can be discussed and considered.

Should you find yourself in need of customisation, contact



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