SANXO-Scope HD: Magnified Manual Inspection Station

SANXO-Scope HD is a customizable digital microscope workstation for manual inspection. It offers an adjustable stand and plenty of open space above the platform enabling easy moving and use of tools. Setup attributes can be affected by choosing, most importantly, an appropriate lense to fit the use.

Modular-X machine vision software

Modular-X is a versatile industrial image processing software, providing effective solution for the optical Quality Control of your products. The well-structured menu system, the wide range of tools and the looping statements of Modular-X all help the user to create an effective and rapid application.

Click N Test

The automated optical inspection product brought into the market by SANXO offers a complete setup for optical testing of small batch of products. The emphasis in development was an easy to-use still versatile system’s construction. Adjustability, customizability and expandability were also considered granting the possibility to fit the setup for many uses.

Machine Vision Bundle

A customisable Modular-X powered machine vision bundle represents a package of software and hardware that alone forms a functional basis of any optical solution. An example package consists of a rugged compact PC with Windows 7 and Modular-X installed, uEye 5 Mpix USB2.0 camera and Tamron lens.

Surveillance Bundle

In our new bundle products we couple the high quality German IDS Imaging cameras with Japanese Tamron optics.

  • excellent quality
  • crystal-clear images
  • free SDK
  • excellent software support (Windows, Linux)
  • discount price

  • P iris lens controller

    The SANIRIS is designed to work with P-iris lenses. This product makes the industrial digital cameras applicable for surveillance or other (most likely outdoor) purposes, which would otherwise call for a higher dynamic range. The SANIRIS controller has a compact size of 80x42x28mm and it is connected to the PC via USB. Using this serial line, the iris can be adjusted in 22 fine steps sending simple commands.

    Custom Systems

    SANXO offers custom systems for a wide variety of applications in the field of machine vision. The engineers working at SANXO are happy to assist You and ready to find the most feasible solution for Your specific needs. Browse our completed systems or contact us today about Your own project!