Published technical articles

Magyar Elektronika 2017/1-2. p. 21-23.: Innovative tools of optical size inspection

Magyar Elektronika 2016/05. p. 15.-17.: 2D and 3D optical size and quality control tools

Magyar Elektronika 2015/10. p. 16.-17.: Camera quality inspection techniques with Modular-X

Magyar Elektronika 2015/05. p. 30.-31.: Innovative digital camera solutions

Magyar Elektronika 2014/10. p. 52.-53.: Innovative techniques for digital videoscope

A+CS Logmonitor May 2013. nr. 1. p. 16.-17.: Quality control of components in 3D

Automaatioväylä (Finnish) 2/2013 p. 20-22: Optiikan ehdoilla

Imaging & Machine Vision Europe 2012/Oct-Nov p. 19.: Self-calibrating smart camera featuring zoom and autofocus, running Modular-X

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Gyártástrend 2012/June p. 30.-32.: Machine vision simply

TechMonitor 2012/May p. 10.-12.: Modular-X machine vision

Magyar Elektronika 2011/12. p. 40.-41.: Modular-X machine vision

Online articles

"Apply Your Own Expertise!" Machine Vision Solutions to Come Inexpensive and Configurable by Users
Published in EzineArticles.

Exhibition press

Vision Trade Fair Catalogue 2012 Stuttgart, p. 62: Nominee for Vision Award 2012 - Self-calibrating Smart Camera featured with zoom and autofocus, running Modular-X