The Creative Modular-X Machine Vision Challenge

SANXO challenges students from all around the world into a machine vision themed contest.

How to enter

Download and install Modular-X

Download and install the trial version of Modular-X through the download page. After installing, start "Modular-X.exe" and write down the computer ID shown in the pop-up window (can also be accessed Help -> About...) when "Buy Now" button is clicked.

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Contact us

Send us the following details using the form below or directly via email to

We will respond by providing you with a student license for the software.

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Create the application with Modular-X and send the project back to us

Pack the project folder including the ".mx" script file and other subfolders (if necessary) into a ".zip" or a ".rar" file and send via email to In case the project is too large to be sent via email, upload it and provide us with the link, or ask us for help.

Also, attach a short description of the idea/project.

The Challenge

Try to figure out a creative way to utilise the software

Machine vision and image analysis are often put to solve menial problems trivial to their nature. We, at SANXO, don't want the field to hit limits for we believe that the technological development enables the use of imagination in designing machine vision applications. We want you to come up with creative ways to apply image processing with our software, was it related to a specific industry or simply something interesting or fun in other ways.

Acquire images into Modular-X and play

In the challenge, you may utilise any image source. The software supports a large selection of camera devices (even web cameras) by default but you may just as well use your own photos or images downloaded from the web. Play around with the software to get yourself familiar with the available tools and functions. Design an application that does something useful, interesting or simply fun with the images!

Hey check it out! My application does umm... this... apparently! Anyway, is it interesting? Does this sort of stuff win?

Good question! It isn't always so easy to tell if something is creative or interesting. We, naturally, apply our own experience to decide whether your fidgeting gadget assessing if your pet turtle is hungry is, in fact, cool or not. You may try using Google, for instance, to find out if people already did whatever the thing you had in mind. Other than that, trust your cool-instincts and so forth!



1 x Galaxy Note 10.1 WiFi 16GB

The winner of the contest will get the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 WiFi 16GB tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

3 x Full Modular-X software licenses

Three most notable submissions will have their Modular-X software licenses upgraded to full versions unlocking all the functionality of the software.

Modular-X logo Modular-X logo Modular-X logo

30 x SANXO t-shirts

Moderately stylish SANXO t-shirts will be sent to 30 participants.

30 T-shirts


Eligibility: the contest is open for students only

Students from any country may participate, although, the delivery time of the prizes may vary depending on the location. Still, all participants will be treated equally.

Earth only

Participants may submit a maximum of 2 projects

In case participants find themselves struggling to decide which interesting projects to submit, they may send back a maximum of two of which we will pick the better one for the contest final evaluation.

Entry period and results

Submission are accepted until the end of the year 2015. The winners will be contacted during January/February 2016.


SANXO reserves the right to disqualify submissions not complying with the requirements stated in this document and participants suspected of any kind of tampering with the results.

More info

In case any questions have arisen, don't hesitate to contact us (or

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